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About the Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group Co., Ltd.
    The Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “The Group”) is a professional wine group in Guangdong. The Group is headquartered in the site of the former Guangdong Shiwan Wine Co., Ltd. Its predecessor "Chen Taiji Chateau"was founded in 1830, the 10th year of the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty and located in the Zhuzi Street of the Shiwan Town, which is 106 Taiping Street nowadays. With an over 180-year history, it is truly a Chinese time-honored brand with in situ production in Guangdong, and famous for its pure grain spirit all over the world. It has passed the ISO9001 Certification and the HACCP Certification. Moreover, It is a drafter of national standard for the Chi-flavor Chinese spirit, the secretarial unit of the National Subcommittee for the Chi-flavor Chinese spirit, one of the “Top 100 Chinese Spirit Manufacturers” and a spirit manufacturer of “National AAA Credit Rating”.   
   In the present, there are four bases running by The Group. The Chancheng Base as a Lingnan wine culture district, is the headquarter hub and a production center for the the Chi-flavor and the Qingya-flavor, with the Sanshui Base as a supporting project center for the Chi-flavor, and with the Yangchun Base and the Sanshui Base as Lingnan health wine production centers. The group has three core brands, with the “Shiwan” Brand as a famous Chinese trademark, the “Chen Taiji” Brand used ever since 1830 and re-registered with the Central People’s Government in 1951 and the “Chunhua” Brand as a famous Cantonese trademark. The leading product of “Shiwan” Brand is Yubingshao,which is entitled as “National-class Spirit” among all the Chinese spirit in Guangdong. The leading product of “Chunhua” Brand is the Amomum Villosum Lour which is entitled as “National-class wine” among all the health wine in Guangdong. The “Paddy Sparrow” Diyi Wine is the early medium top grade health wine in Guangdong. And the new product Qingya-flavor is a medium top grade spirit that represents the successful market operation and rapid development in Guangdong, been praised by the national experts as “An Excellent Wine of Southern China” and “A Wine of Appreciation Class”.      
     The Group will focus on the production of the Lingnan traditional Chi-flavor spirit, the Qingya flavor spirit, and the Amomum Villosum Lour health wine, so that it will achieve the project that The Group will be the NO.1 chinese spirit and health wine manufacturer in Guangdong area, and make the dream that the Guangdong local wine prcoducts will be access to national markets come ture so as to promote the Guangdong local wine all over the world.